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Precision Agriculture technology, government regulation, and Good Agricultural Practices’ programs have accelerated the expansion of agronomic field sampling. As this expansion continues, the data transfer and storage methods are becoming fragmented. The agricultural industry needs a standard way to represent and transfer this field sample data from testing labs to FMIS (Field Management Information System) and FMIS to FMIS. The purpose of the Modus project is to enable the creation and maintenance of a field sample data standard. This standard will represent nutrient/chemical analysis (soil and tissue), water analysis (irrigation and water quality, soil physical characteristics, nematode, and soil amendment (manure, compost, waste, etc.)

The Modus standard consist of two parts.

1. Modus XML Schema
    Repo: https://bitbucket.org/modus/

2. Modus Reference Database
    Database Web View
    API Documents


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